Frequently asked questions

Here you'll find answers to come commonly asked questions about our services.

Where are you based?

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK.

It's near Cambridge, North of London.



Yes, we most certainly can but you won't be able to get it for the simple package price due to the additional time and travel.

For weddings outside of our catchment counties, we will require a room for the night before, a room for the night of the event, the cost of traveling there and back, and the time we spend traveling to be covered as "booked out" time.

For example: If you were getting married in Germany, we would charge £1000 for the coverage on the day, £480 to cover our time the day before while we are traveling and £480 to cover our time the day after while we are traveling back.

Then there will be the cost of the travel to the airport, both flights and 2 nights in a hotel near or at the venue. We feel that this still ends up as more affordable than many UK based Wedding Photographers and hope you feel so too.

If the traveling time is longer, or you would like us to stay an additional day either before, or after, this can certainly be arranged, but at additional cost. Contact us directly, and we'll arrange something that works for both parties.


How many photos do i get?

As every photoshoot is different, this will depend on what it is that we're taking photos of. For a wedding, you will get 400+ that will be considered good enough to share. For a solo photoshoot lasting an hour, there may only be 10 to 40 stand-out images, depending on how much variety was in the shoot. 

The best thing is to let us know what you're thinking of doing and to ask how many images to expect. We try to be conservative with our estimates, but we will always take as many good photos as we can on the day and supply every one of them to you.

Do i have to pay per photo?


You pay for our time taking the photos and editing the photos. However many quality images are produced in that time, they are all yours. We won't withhold a single image or ask for any additional money once they're taken. 

how high quality are the images?

Every photo we take is of a high enough resolution to be printed out on a large canvas. As a result, they will all look amazing online and printed to standard photo sizes.

We work hard to ensure that the equipment we use is as good as possible, so that you get the best images.

How do i get my photos?

For weddings, we provide them on a customised USB stick, delivered to an address you specify.

For all other jobs, we provide them at the resolution you specify by WeTransfer in your email. If you would prefer them on a USB stick, you're welcome to provide your own,

When do i get my photos?

We do our best to ensure that you get your photos as soon as possible. For weddings, we ask for 4 weeks. For events, we ask for 2 weeks. 

When we take the photos, we will give you an idea of what the current workload is, but if you have any specific deadlines, please let us know in advance of the booking.


WHo owns the photos?

You do. You have employed our services to produce images for you, so while we retain the copyright for photos we take for our own projects, any taken for a client are owned by the client. At that point, you can do whatever you wish with the images. The only thing that you cannot do is claim the photos are your own work. 

We ask our clients if we are able to use a selection of images for our own promotion. These are still owned by the client, which is why we ask for permission before we share any on our site or social media.


WHat about privacy?

You own your photos. We may choose to retain a copy, specifically of those images we've been granted permission to share for our own promotional activities, but all other images are strictly confidential. They will never be shared, sold or shown to third parties. They may be used internally within Paper Hills as teaching aids and examples for new members of staff, but they will always be considered confidential material. 


WHAt hours do you work?

We usually try to maintain a normal 9 to 5, but can work very extreme hours if your project requires it. 

We will cover your event in the evenings, shoot over weekends, and a 5am start can be arranged if you need. Just ask.


Do you teach photography?

We do run workshops and one-on-one sessions on a case-by-case basis.

We can teach you how to use the camera you have, introduce you to professional equipment or take you our for a Street Photography session if you like. We would require you to provide or rent your own camera equipment though.


Can you photograph my... ? 

If you're not sure, just ask. We're very friendly and we love a good challenge. 


We're a charity. Can you work for free?

We have a number of charities that we already support.

If we can't donate our time we may be able to work something out.


I'm a student. CAN YOU WORK FOR FREE?

We appreciate that you took a shot there!. No, we're afraid not. However, we do offer a 10% student discount if you ask for it. 


Can i get that photo on your site as a print?

if it's a Landscape photo? Probably yes. 

If it's a photo we've produced for a client, we won't be able to, but we will pass the request on to them and let them decide if they'd like to sell you a copy. 

Let us know the image you like and we'll let you know.


Do your prices INCLUDE VAT?

We are not a VAT registered company as our turnover is not high enough to require us to be. Therefore we are not required, or allowed, to charge VAT. All our prices are final without any hidden extras.