No event too big or too small

Whether it's an hour or a weekend, we can cover it 



We simply charge by the hour so you know how far your budget will go. If you're within

20 minutes of Bury St Edmunds, travel is included for free! 


Our energy

We're passionate about events, big and small.

Meeting new people and being part of a unique experience is something we love about the role, and we work hard to produce images that reflect what it was really like to be there, not just a catalogue of attendees. 

As a result, we specialise in documentary or "reportage" style, meaning that we attempt to blend in with the crowd and catch natural, relaxed images of people genuinely enjoying themselves. 

We cover everything from a surprise proposal in a park, to a school sports day or a charity darts tournament.


Fulfilling your expectations

It's important to us that the images you receive are what you hoped for, so we always spend time understanding your expectations.

If it's a 50s theme party we can ensure a vintage look, if it's a student fashion show we can provide high-key images with vivid colours. 

Whether you need the photos for social media, family photo albums or the cover of your next great novel, just let us know and we'll ensure they're perfect for your needs.

It doesn't matter if you're a business or an individual, we will take your photos. 


simple pricing

We like to keep our prices as clear and straight forward as possible so there are no nasty surprises. 

Our hourly rate for shooting and editing, is just £60. 

We work on a 3 to 1 ratio of shooting hours to editing hours - this means that for every hour we're taking photos, there will be about 20 minutes needed to sort, tweak and edit them ready for delivery. 


Costing Examples

1 hour at a birthday party = £80

(1 hours photography @ £60 + 20 mins editing @ £20)

2.5 hour at an awards ceremony = £200

(2.5 hours photography @ £150 + 50 mins editing @ £50)

4 hours at an opening event = £320

(4 hours photography @ £240 + 80 mins editing @ £80)


Travel Costs

If your event is in Bury St Edmunds (where we are based) or within 20 minutes of it, we do not charge travel expenses!

Anywhere else, it's just 25p per mile.